Watt Whisky

"Mark and I have over 40 years experience in the Scotch Whisky industry between us and, after many years of working for other people, we decided the time was right to start our own independent bottling company. This was in December 2019. A few months later we were seriously questioning the timing of our new venture! However, despite the challenging circumstances (to global pandemic, add a new baby and impending Brexit), we are absolutely delighted with how things are going so far.

After an incredibly successful Crowdfunder campaign in April 2020, we bottled our first cask (for Crowdfunders only) a few months later, followed by our first general release of 5 casks in September 2020. We’ve bottled a total of 26 casks in our first year covering single malt, blended malt, single grain, blend, rums and Indian whisky (our first non-scotch whisky) and hope to expand on our offering over time. Basically, as long as it tastes good and has spent time in a cask, then we’ll happily bottle it."


Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is fairly simple – it’s all about the taste. Hence why we’ve chosen a stylised taste bud as our logo. We want to bottle good whisky (and rum) that people will want to drink, at a fair price. In fact, we want to bottle what we like to drink. When we are literally putting our name on the bottle it needs to be something that we really have confidence in.

In doing that, we want to be as transparent as we possibly can and will always try to give as much information as we can about what’s in the bottle. Anyone that has been to one of Mark’s tastings will have heard him state ‘Chill filtering is evil’ so obviously we won’t be doing that! Nor will we add any caramel colouring or other additives.

Ultimately as much as we will always take what is inside the bottle very seriously, we very much want people to have fun and enjoy themselves when they are drinking our whiskies. We won’t take ourselves as seriously as we take our cask selection!